Reich Realty, LLC believes that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to rent a quality home! We do not believe in nickel and diming our tenants and charging extra fees that may sound beneficial at first, but that ultimately do nothing except add to the income of the property management companies. There are some fees that make sense and others that just don’t. We believe in being fair and reasonable by providing excellent management services for you without all those extra fees. Watch out for hidden fees!

Example of extra fees may include:

~ Monthly Resident Benefit Package

~ Monthly Eviction Protection Plan

~ Lease Renewal Fee

~ Credit Reporting Services

~ And More..!!

What are you really paying for?

~ Monthly A/C Filter Program

~ Leasing Fee

~ Pet Cleaning Fee in addition to Monthly Pet Rent

~ Utility Connection Concierge

Reich Realty Leasing Policies

Unfurnished Rentals – 12 months or more

  • Application is required for anyone 18 and over. 
  • A criminal background check is required for any and all prospective tenants staying in the home that is 18 years or older no matter what. This is for your safety and the safety of other renters, homeowners, guests, etc.
  • A lease must be signed for the time you will be in the home.
  • Security Deposit is required on all rentals.
  • Monthly Pet Rent – if applicable. 

Vacation Rentals – 30 nights or more

  • Application is required for anyone 18 & over. 
  • Copy of current valid Driver’s License or State or Federal Issued ID required.
  • A rental agreement must be signed for the time you will be in the home.
  • Security Deposit is required on all rentals.
  • Cleaning Fee is required on all rentals. 

Security Deposit

We require all tenants to put down a refundable security deposit in order to reserve the home.  The deposits vary depending on the size of the home, amenities in the home as well as the length of stay.

Cleaning FeeVacation Rentals Only

There is a non-refundable cleaning fee that is required based on the size of the home.

Pet Cleaning FeeVacation Rentals Only

If the home allows for pets, there will be a non-refundable pet fee per pet. Pets are up to the homeowners’ discretion.

Pet Rent – Unfurnished Rentals Only

If the home allows for pets, there will be an additional monthly pet rent per pet.

Utilities Vacation Rentals Only

Monthly rentals –  Tenants are required to pay any utility cost over $100.00 per month per utility.

Nightly rentals – The utility cost is included with the nightly rental prices.

Utilities – Unfurnished Rentals Only

All utilities will be transferred into the the Tenant’s name and paid by the tenant for the time you will be occupying the home.

Forms of Payment

We accept personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s check. We also accept credit, debit or e-check payments through our online system.

Check In – Access and Entry Vacation Rentals Only

We provide a secure lockbox on your home with an entry key inside. All other keys and garage door openers are located inside the property. This is the most convenient way to move in and out as tenants tend to check in after hours, on weekends, and during the holidays.

Emergency Phone Number

Every tenant is given an emergency cell phone number should they have any emergencies that arise throughout the night.  During normal business hours,  9AM – 5PM M-F, tenants can contact the office directly to report any emergencies.

Move-In Report

We provide tenants with a blank move-in report to make any notations of the home that are deemed notable.

Maintenance and Repairs

Any and all maintenance issues must be reported immediately. Everything will be done to ensure the issue is taken care of as soon as possible.

Annual Inspections – Unfurnished Rentals Only

Once a year we will schedule an annual inspection to thoroughly check on the property to ensure the property is being taken care of.

Check- OutVacation Rentals Only

Simply lock the home and leave the key in the lockbox and we already have scheduled our professional house cleaner to come in and clean and inventory the home.

Security Deposit Return

The security deposit is held against damages and any remaining amount will be sent back to the tenant. If there are any damages or fees incurred throughout your stay, they will be deducted from the security deposit and you will receive an itemized statement along with copies of any bills associated with the damages or fees.