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Reich Realty, LLC is a full service company focusing on all aspects of Real Estate. We specialize in property management and sales in the greater Phoenix area. We are revolutionizing the industry by providing smart, simple, and flexible services to fit your needs. Real Estate does not have to be complicated!

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Rosey And Travis Reich
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What Makes Us So Unique?

Reich Realty, LLC Only Charges Our Clients 2 Fees

Flat Percentage Monthly Property Management Fee

Reich Realty is proud to only charge our clients two fees. The monthly management fee and advertising fee. That is it!

Flat Advertising Fee (when applicable)

This fee is only charged when we need to advertise your home.

Other Companies Also Charges

  • Annual Account Renewal Fee
  • Annual Management Contract Renewal Fee
  • Year End Tax Prep Fee
  • Eviction Protection Plan
  • In House Maintenance Up Charge Fees
  • Annual Inspection Fees
  • Vacancy Fees
  • And More!
Rosey Reich

Rosey Reich

10+ Years Property Management Experience

Rosey founded the company in 2017. She discovered her true passion working with all the different aspects of Real Estate including vacation rentals and property management so when it came time to open Reich Realty, LLC, it only made sense to focus on what she is passionate about.

Travis Reich

15+ years Property Management Experience

Travis has been in the business since 2006. He is a pioneer in the property management business and has succeeded in building portfolios and mastering relationships with clients and customers with his amazing people skills. His ability to work with anyone and solve problems makes him more than a valuable asset to our team.

Travis Reich

Why Choose Us

As Your Arizona Property Manager

First Class Home Service

Whether you are a homeowner, tenant, or guest, we strive to provide a fresh and unique experience for each client & customer. Our experience and passion make the rental experience an enjoyable one. After all, Real Estate is not just a job, it’s our lifestyle!

Highest Ethical Standards

Reich Realty hopes to bring a fresh approach to Real Estate that focuses on being open and honest with our customers and clients. Travis and Rosey are licensed Real Estate Agents and Brokers with many additional designations in an effort to constantly maintain a high level of Ethical Standards. They strive for clarity and a solid understanding of your Real Estate options.



Happy Clients And Customers

We were treated like family.
Their team work makes the dream work.

Travis and Roses have taken care of our property and us for the last 11 years. They have always returned phone calls, dealt with issues and kept us informed. When it came time to sell our property, it was just natural for us to have them do this for us. They have exceeded our expectations and they did a fantastic job all around. They have the skills, expertise and people ready to assist in all facets for a smooth sale. We were treated like family. Their team work makes the dream work.

Gregg & Connie Gazdewich. - Mesa, AZ ★★★★★

Happy Clients Testimonials

Arizona Family Owned & Operated Property Management Business

Arizona Family Owned And Operated

Check the reviews and you will see that Travis and Rosey not only care about your property, they take care of you. Client, customer, or vendor, you are always treated with respect and in a timely fashion. They actually answer the phone and call you back! You will never feel like just another number with them.

A Short History About Acting With Concern

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there were several situations that occurred where the tenants were not going to be able to pay rent due to circumstances. We worked with each tenant and helped them either get out of their lease and find another home or worked out a payment plan that benefited everyone. Not only did we not have a single tenant not pay rent, none of our clients had to go without a mortgage payment because we worked it out.

Expert Management Of Rental Property Valleywide

Expert Management Of Rental Property Valleywide

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Travis has lived in AZ his whole life and has seen the Valley change over the last 40 years. Rosey has lived in AZ since 1998 and considers this her home. Travis and Rosey met in Flagstaff, AZ at NAU and married at Stone Creek Golf Course in Paradise Valley in 2003. They now live in Mesa, AZ with their 2 awesome children and 4 crazy dogs. They have seen the growth of the Valley and know it like the back of their hand. Whether you are in Anthem or Florence, or anywhere in between, we can help you out!

Property Management Services

Affordable Certified Residential Property Manager Valley Wide

Today’s property management world has become saturated with false promises of low monthly fees only to find out that you are being nickel and dimed for everything else. Reich Realty, LLC believes in providing our clients with excellent service and professional management for simple transparent pricing. Whether your home is a fully furnished vacation rental or an unfurnished rental, professional management does not have to cost an arm and a leg!

We Provide

Rental Property Managements

Rentals Property Management

Unfurnished 12 month or more rentals. We offer full service unfurnished property management services for a flat monthly fee. Excellent service with a personal touch!

Vacation Rental Property Management

Vacation Rental Property Management

Fully furnished vacation rentals. We offer hands free management options for all types of vacation homes all over the Valley. We provide services to help keep the home turning through every season!

Reich Realty Is Your Property Management Solution

From traditional unfurnished rentals to fully furnished vacation rentals, we provide all of the services to keep our clients and customers happy. These days management companies aren’t just charging you a management fee, they are also charging the tenants. They are gouging them with crazy fees and lining their pockets with that extra dough. It makes it harder to get top dollar for their clients and we feel the clients should benefit the most out of their rental investments, not the management company. If they are willing to gouge your tenants, just imagine what they are doing to you. Watch out for hidden fees!

Turning Real Estate Into Rentals & Properties Into Profits Since 2006

Professional Rental Property Marketing

Professional Rental
Property Marketing

We advertise on multiple platforms and provide professional pictures for each home we put on the market. Attention to detail is key! With clear, crisp pictures and all the necessary information displayed, we work diligently to help you start bringing in profit as quickly as possible. Getting your rental in front of the right people will make all the difference in helping it gain interest and be filled by the best tenant.

Full Service Property Management Including Cleanings & Repairs

Full Service
Property Management
Including Cleanings & Repairs

Full service management includes coordinating maintenance and repairs when needed. Each home has a maintenance reserve that we draw from to take care of minor issues. We use a variety of vendors to make sure the jobs get done at competitive prices, we are transparent with the invoices, and do not upcharge for maintenance. We also provide estimates for items over the reserve amount when necessary.

Maximize Your Property’s Earning Potential

Maximize Your Property’s
Earning Potential

Whether you are wanting to do furnished or unfurnished rentals, we provide a complimentary Residential Market Analysis for your home to determine the rental prices. If you are undecided which way you want to go, we will happily do the RMA for both options and walk you through the processes to help you make up your mind.

Other Management Services
  • Home Sales Management Valley Wide
  • Home Watch Services in AZ
  • AZ Lease & Rental Contracts
  • Property Advertising Packages
  • Rental Property Inspections In Arizona
  • Tenant Applications & Background Checks
  • Vacation Rental Property Management Valley Wide
  • Short Term Vacation Rentals (Fully Furnished)
  • Long-term Rentals (Unfurnished)
  • And More!

Contact us to receive a detailed list of management packages.

Is Your Property Management Company Meeting Its Responsibilities?

Reich Realty would love the opportunity to get to know you and your property to understand what your goals are. Please tell us a bit about how we can help you.

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    Our Service Area

    Property Manager Serving Valley Wide

    While Reich Realty, LLC is located in Mesa, our service area is valley wide including:

    • Tempe

    • Phoenix
    • Gilbert
    • Queen Creek
    • Chandler
    • Surrounding Areas
    • Scottsdale

    Advantages of Property Management

    Reich Realty, LLC – Your Full Service Real Estate, Property Management & Vacation Rental Company!

    Reduce your stress, increase your free time, and give yourself more freedom. Reich Realty saves you time and gives you peace of mind!

    Market Your Rentals Affordably

    We don’t waste time getting your home rented which is why we advertise on as many platforms as possible. A picture is worth a thousand words which is why we provide professional pictures for all of our advertising.

    Ensure Property Rent is Paid on Time

    Efficient rent collection is probably the most important service property managers provide. Our tenants are provided with several options to make their rent payments on time and easily.

    Screen Out Of Your Property Problem Tenants

    The importance of properly screening potential tenants helps to identify possible issues that raises red flags before they move in. These include recognizing rental scams, late payments, poor credit history, and other facts hidden in a person’s past that could affect their ability to pay rent on time.

    Save Money On Property Maintenance & Repair Costs

    Maintaining and repairing potential problems early on avoids breakdowns leading to larger and expensive repairs or replacements. Inspectors and maintenance check ups offer essential feedback on their condition and suggestions for modification and upgrades save more money in the long run.

    Avoid Potential Rental Property Legal Issues

    Avoiding just one lawsuit more than pays for the hiring of a property management company. Experienced landlords know that one bad tenant can create legal and financial headaches. Reich Realty knows the laws and follows them to prevent a lot of legal and financial headaches.

    Decrease Tenant Turnover In Your Rentals

    The best property managers have a time-tested good tenant retention policy. Unhappy tenants tend to leave sooner than they planned. Reich Realty makes sure to keep our tenants happy by providing good communication, rapid responses to problems, and quick repairs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Property Management Services

    If you are interested in a property, the first step is to reach out to Reich Realty to request a rental application. The applications are done online and are emailed directly to you. If you have a co-signer or plan on having roommates, they will also need to do the same. Essentially, every person planning to move in needs to fill out a separate lease application form. It’s best to have the necessary information easily available as soon as you are ready to take the first step and apply for a home. Click here to see our rental requirements. (Insert a link to the rental requirements)

    A seller’s market means there’s more demand for homes than there is supply. We are currently in a sellers market at this time. A buyer’s market, on the other hand, happens when there’s ample supply but less demand. In a buyer’s market, not only is there more inventory to choose from, but sellers must also compete harder for the attention of buyers. In a seller’s market, it’s the buyers who have to get ready for the competition.

    In the sellers market that we are in, it does not take long for a property to get rented or sell. They don’t last long and usually are off the market within a week or two. The real estate market is cyclical and we are ever changing with it.

    Home inspections are not typically required, however, it makes sense for a professional to inspect the property before purchasing. This also gives the buyer an opportunity to ask for repairs to be performed by the seller for material items found in the inspection.

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