About Reich Realty

Family Pic 2019 (3)

We are the Reich Family!

Reich is pronounced RIKE like Bike with an ‘R’ but spelled with an E I and C H.

How’s that for an introduction!

Travis is the tall guy on the right and Rosey is in the middle of our wonderful family! We have been on an amazing adventure ever since we married in 2003. Our family grew in 2006 when our awesome son Owen was born and then we completed our tribe in 2007 when our brilliant daughter Gwen was born. Together we do the best we can to support and carry each other through this crazy venture we call life!

I, (Rosey), started my Real Estate career in 2011 and that is when I discovered my true passion. I found that I loved working with all the different aspects of Real Estate including vacation rentals and property management so when it came time to open Reich Realty, LLC, it only made sense to focus on what I am passionate about. I hope to take the business side of Real Estate and turn it in to a transparent experience for our clients and customers.  Real Estate does not have to be a mystery!

Travis started his Real Estate career in 2006 right before Owen was born.  He is a pioneer in the property management business and has succeeded in building portfolios and mastering relationships with clients and customers with his amazing people skills. His ability to work with anyone and solve problems makes him more than a valuable asset. We are so pleased to have him join Reich Realty, LLC.  He is a true benefit to Reich Realty, LLC and is also the co-founder.  His years of experience are a true asset and we couldn’t be more excited to have him aboard!

Together we hope to bring a fresh approach to Real Estate that focuses on being open and honest with our customers and clients. We strive for clarity and a solid understanding of your Real Estate options.  After all, Real Estate is not just our job, it’s our lifestyle!