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Owning and managing a property can be a time-consuming chore. You have to worry about finding renters, making sure that they pay on time, dealing with problem tenants and maintaining that property. If you live in or near Chandler, Arizona, you can contact us at Reich Realty. We take care of those issues for you at very affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more!

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Property Management Fees With Flat Rates In Chandler
Flat Rate
Property Management Fees
Property Management With High Ethical Standards And Transparency
Highest Ethical Standards
& Transparency
A First-Class Property Rental Experience In Chandler
A First-Class
Property Rental Experience

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Travis has been in the business since 2006. He is a pioneer in the property management business and has succeeded in building portfolios and mastering relationships with clients and customers with his amazing people skills. His ability to work with anyone and solve problems makes him more than a valuable asset to our team.

Travis And Rosey Reich, Chandler Property Managers



Rosey founded the company in 2017. She discovered her true passion working with all the different aspects of Real Estate including vacation rentals and property management so when it came time to open Reich Realty, LLC, it only made sense to focus on what she is passionate about.

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We were treated like family.
Their team work makes the dream work.

Travis and Roses have taken care of our property and us for the last 11 years. They have always returned phone calls, dealt with issues and kept us informed. When it came time to sell our property, it was just natural for us to have them do this for us. They have exceeded our expectations and they did a fantastic job all around. They have the skills, expertise and people ready to assist in all facets for a smooth sale. We were treated like family. Their team work makes the dream work.

Gregg & Connie Gazdewich. - Mesa, AZ ★★★★★

Property Management Experts Near You

The Solution to Your Rental Property Management Needs

The Solution To Your Rental
Property Management Needs

If you need a property management company, we are the ones to reach out to. We know Arizona rental laws and will make sure to follow them by the letter. Our staff can handle everything from putting out rental ads to screening tenants to handling rental payments.

A Careful & Unique Approach To Property Management

A Careful & Unique Approach
To Property Management

At Reich Rental, we know how much attention to detail is needed to be able to successfully manage property. We make sure that every step is taken from the very start and beyond. Your property will be in very capable hands with us.

Increase The Earning Potential Of Your Chandler Property

Increase The Earning Potential
Of Your Arizona Property

We can help improve your profitability by ensuring that rent is paid on time and help to deal with any problem tenants immediately within the confines of the law. You can get good money from your property with our guidance. Check out our reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Maps.

Full Service Chandler Property Management Including Cleanings And Repairs

Full Service Property Management
Including Cleanings & Repairs

The last thing you need to deal with on a busy day is to hear that your place needs to be cleaned or a repair is needed. Leave that to us. We have excellent people who can get your property looking like new with appliances that work perfectly.

FAQs About Our Property Management Services

They are not usually required, but if you want to make an investment, you should have a professional come look at them to ensure that there are no major underlying issues. You can also make sure that the seller makes repairs beforehand, too. That way, you can ensure that everything will be in good working order when you rent the property out to someone else. Contact us if you have questions.
Yes. Screening is a very important part of renting out a property. We do this so that we can identify such things as rental scams, late payments, or poor credit history. You would rather us find this out sooner than down the road when we are trying to get money from them. We weigh a variety of factors when it comes to screening tenants. Feel free to ask any questions about our process.
Since we believe that it is better to be proactive, we can make repairs to potential problems rather than let them occur and possibly become even more expensive down the road. We can have inspectors come examine the place and also have routine maintenance check-ups. That way, we can use their feedback and make the necessary repairs before there are major problems, and save money in the process.
You should make sure that the place looks as good as it possibly can. You should also do screenings on tenants to ensure that they have no issues that could cause problems. Find a property management team that knows the laws – this can save you a lot of headaches in both the personal and financial sense. We will be glad to answer any other questions that you may have.

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It depends on what you need to have done. We are completely transparent with our invoicing and we will gladly explain the cost of each service if you have any questions. It is our goal to have happy clients and we never upcharge on any particular thing. We prize our reputation in the Chandler area and we want to keep it that way.

Yes. We will make sure that your property’s rent is paid on time. We are very knowledgeable about Arizona rental law and we ensure that your tenants pay their rent. That will be one less headache that you have to worry about. You can just enjoy getting an income from your property and leave the rest to us. We will always keep you informed of any issues.

There are pros and cons to dealing with properties that have HOAs and similar things. While they do help keep a certain level of maintenance, there are also a lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through. We are very diligent when checking out places with HOAs – since working with them means that we are members of that HOA. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

Why Choose Our Arizona Property Management Company?

Chandler Property Management With Hight Ethical Standards And Transparency

Furnished & Unfurnished
Rental Property Management

We have furnished rentals for those who are only staying a short time and unfurnished ones for those who are staying for 12 months or more.

Airbnb, VRBO And FlipKey Property Management Services

Airbnb, VRBO & Flipkey
Property Management Services

We can help accommodate AirBNB, VRBO, or FlipKey rentals too and ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout. Contact us with any particular questions.

Rental Property Management For Employee And Corporate Housings

Fully Furnished Short-Term &
Long-Term Vacation Rentals

Are you wanting to have people stay at your place while on vacation? We can have places that are fully furnished for either occasion.

Rental Property Management For
Employee & Corporate Housings

There are times that you will need to have housing for employees or for corporate workers. We can handle rentals for those scenarios.

Full Service Property Management For Condos And Luxury Retreats

Full Service Property Management
For Condos & Luxury Retreats

We are the ones to contact for condos or luxury retreats. We will ensure that the place is up to your clients’ exacting standards.

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Managing Properties & Vacation Rentals Valley-Wide

Reich Realty LLC is the place to go to to have your property managed for rentals or vacation rentals.

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